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Our considerable experience in this business operating area gives us the opportunity to offer you the following services:

Our services

Optimum selection of clinics and specialists for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in accordance 
     with the diagnosis and personal wish
Free preparation of proposals regarding organization of your examination and treatment.
Response to all your approaches made in English by any means of communication (phone, fax, E-mail).
Conducting the negotiations with the clinics. Booking place and date of hospitalization.
■ Guarantee of financial and juridical protection during all the period of staying in hospital, providing 
      clinics with financial guarantees.
Health insurance during the stay in Germany.
Validation of offer for treatment, confirmation of the clinic regarding the reservation of place and 
      assistance with visa obtaining.
Prolongation of visa in the case where the treatment has to be continued.
Transport assistance during stay inclusive of delivery to airport upon arrival and departure.
Highly qualified translation of your medical documentation into German and conclusions of German
     specialists into English.
Providing you with personal interpreters, experienced in the matter and accompanying the patient
     everyday & ensuring the free contacts with the personnel.
Securing the full confidentiality of all medical, financial and private information.
Obtaining of all necessary medicine and other medical means you need for your out-patient period
      after being discharged from the hospital.
Organization of treatment for patients with dermatological and rheumatic diseases in the 
      German Medical Centre on the dad sea in Israel.
Additional services for V.I.P.- patients upon their request.

      We will build our relations on the basis of official documents and mutual respect and decency.

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