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Health is a wonder,
which is given to the people by nature. Only if it is lost, you con realize its value. A re-established health is a multiple wonder, the people’s rebirth, the gladness of existence.


Dear Sirs,

Patients from many countries of the world confide their health to the high-developed medicine of Germany, which’s developments in the medical science and which’s quality of the medical care take one of the first places in the world.

In cooperation with the leading clinics of Germany our firm offers effective programmes of medical help in almost all sections of medical sciences.


The clinics which are recommended by our firm guarantee to the patients a world-standard treatment with utilization of the most modern medical technologies.

As independent experts in the field of medical management we accomplish for our patients an optimal choice of leading clinics of every specialisation ( university-and private clinics and also clinics which are financed by religious associations), which have at their disposal considerable experiences and possibilities of the treatment of concrete illnesses.

medic team
Collegial cooperation with a row of leading clinics and individual care for every patient give us the possibility to work out economic medical programmes and to offer the lowest prices for the treatment. In addition to the medical programmes we also offer programmes in the fields check-up, rehabilitation, cure, beauty treatment and excursion. We also take care of persons, who accompany our patients. By request we also offer additional services of the V.I.P.- class, which vouches for high comfort and security.

We gladly cooperate with the doctors of the patients, with clinics, private firms, state and governmental institutions of the countries where our patients come from. 

We are sure, that a first class medical care in the clinics of Germany, an attentive allocation by the doctors and by the medical personnel, the supply with the needed medicaments and resources for the period which follows the stay in the clinic and a careful organization of the stay will help to find a solution for the health problems of our patients.


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